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'The Vocal Studio'

Come learn to sing in a safe, fun environment with Donna Olson, a supportive, intuitive teacher and professional opera singer. All levels are welcomed at "The Vocal Studio".

Private Voice Lessons that really work.

Full private hour & 1/2 hour lessons, gift certificates, and discount package plans available.

"...I never dreamed I could sing like this and now I'm doing it for life!" Student of TVS, Portland, OR

"...I did the audition, it was great, people had this look of amazement on their faces, and I got lots of complements. Wow, Im so proud of myself and I could not have done it without your support. Thanks for helping me make my dreams come true." Student TVS, Sacramento, CA

"...less than a year ago I was afraid of my high notes and didn't know I had a chest voice. I'm now vocalizing from low G to high G above high C, I'm going to have a career thanks to Donna and our work together" Student TVS, Alameda, CA

"...Donna has the vocal talent, instinctive acting ability and the great gift of being able to teach all that to her students in a direct and supportive manner, I love my lessons!" Student TVS, Portland OR

Donna Olson is a working singer and teacher, a graduate of the Boston Conservatory of Music, Winner of the Metropolitan Opera Auditions and more....See biography for further information.

Donna has been teaching people to sing for 27 years! She taught at the Boston Conservatory, Music & More and her own private studio in Portland, OR. Currently Donna teaches in Oakland at her private studio as well as Pease Conservatory in Sacramento. Many of her students have won awards in NATS, Solo Ensemble and have gone on to study receiving full scholarships at colleges such as San francisco Conservatory Grad School and University of Arizona. "The Vocal Studio" performs two recitals a year in order to give students a chance to perform; this includes operatic scenes.

Donna has just begun giving vocal coaching to ministers to help them deliver there sermons in a way we get it that represents the message they want to portray. Donna will be conducting a master class to the preaching class at Star King Academy in Berkeley. Singing and connecting to the breath makes all the difference in speaking; just as it does in sending sound in singing... its all the same concept.

Donna travels around to colleges in the area giving vocal master classes to college students in musical theater and voice and diction classes.

For Technicians:

- Learn the "Age Old" method of using the natural resonance of the 'speaking voice' to project your voice without pushing/manipulating your tone.

- Free tone is the result of natural placement, clear diction (english, italian etc.) and vowel agreement.

- This in conjuction with understanding how breath supports that tone 'frees the voice' to keep it fresh, healthy and sounding like only you can for 'almost' as long as you can speak.

- Issues of vocal passaggio (breaks in the voice) are ironed out by understanding the physiology of your instrument...If you don't manipulate/muscle your voice into 'placement', you won't have 'holes' in your voice because you will use the breath flow to connect your sound.

- Learn how to use your voice intelligently; moving carefully through your passaggio as one vocal line from chest, middle(mix) to head.

- This technique has served people of all musical disciplines; classical (opera especially), rock, folk, musical theater and projected speech itself.

- Donna will also work with people who have trouble with hoarsness from improper speaking and overuse. You would however be advised to see an Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) specialist before you begin.

- Donna travels around to colleges in the area giving vocal master classes to college students in musical theater and voice and diction classes.

Congratulations for taking that first step in "finding your own voice! "

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